(Version: May 28, 2023)


I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Canadian Association of Sociology of Education (CASE)/ L'Association canadienne de sociologie de l'Éducation (ACSE) [hereafter CASE-ACSE]


II. Organization and Purpose

  • CASE-ACSE is an affiliate of the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education/ L'Association canadienne pour l'Etude des fondements de l'Éducation [hereafter CAFE] which is, itself, a constituent body of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education / Societe canadienne pour l'Etude de l'Éducation [hereafter CSSE].
  • Sociology of education involves critical examinations of systems of schooling and the social forces that frame the relationship between schools and society. This scholarship intersects with a variety of research areas within and outside of education, but primarily considers how the policies and practices of schooling interact with inequality of societal experiences and the politics of knowledge.
  • This association serves to enhance dialogue and networking among researchers interested in incorporating sociological methods and theories to the study of education-related issues in Canada.


III. Membership

All persons interested in the sociology of education, in any of its aspects, shall be eligible for membership. All members of CASE-ACSE shall be members of the Canadian Association for Foundations of Education and the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. All members of CASE-ACSE may vote, nominate members for office, stand for office, and otherwise benefit from the activities of the association.


IV. Membership Dues

  • Members in good standing of CASE-ACSE are expected to pay CSSE and CAFE membership dues (set by these two bodies) as well as CASE-ACSE membership dues.
  • Members will be required to pay appropriate conference fees if they attend the annual conference.
  • CASE Annual Membership Fees: $10 (regular members or international affiliate), Free (Retired, Low income and students).


V. Officers of the Association

The officers of the Association shall be:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Program Chair
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Social Media Officer
  • Past President
  • Student Representative(s)


The President is elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting. The President is responsible for organizing the overall operation of the association, and reports to the Annual General Meeting. The President is empowered to speak for the association between annual meetings and to consult with the CAFE/CSSE Executive Committee as necessary while conducting the association's business between annual meetings.


The Vice-President is elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting. The Vice- President is responsible for assisting the President with activities that have been assigned, and acts as co-chair the webinar series.


The Program Chair acts as the Chairperson of the Program Committee responsible for organizing the conference held in association with CAFE/CSSE.


The Secretary-Treasurer is elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for preparing the minutes of the annual general meeting, keeping the financial records and other duties which may be assigned by the President.


The social media officer is in charge of using the social media channels of the association to communicate events and initiatives to the general public.


The Past-President serves on the executive for the two years following their term of office. The Past President provides guidance and assistance to the executive board on all matters of governance.


The Student Representative is elected for a one-year term. The Student Representative organizes the annual graduate student session during the annual conference.


VI. Annual General Meetings

A general meeting of the association shall be held during the annual Conference held during the CAFE/CSSE conference. The time and place of the general meeting shall be decided by the President in consultation with the Program Chair.


VII. Affiliation as a Special Interest Group of CAFE

As an affiliated association, CASE-ACSE shall be subject to the Constitution and any By-laws and Regulations established by CAFE and CSSE.

Affiliation with CAFE and CSSE may be terminated by either side, subject to at least one year's notice


VIII. Languages

The official language of CASE-ACSE is English.


IX. Amendment of the Constitution

The Constitution may be amended at an Annual General Meeting by a majority vote of the members present [50% + 1 member]. Any member of the Association may initiate amendments to the constitution, provided that notice has been provided by e-mail to the membership and posted on the CASE-ACSE website at least 60 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.