AGM 2024-Agenda

Agenda - CASE AGM

Friday, June 14, 2024 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Location: McGill University, Leacock 106 Lunch will be provided

Notice of meeting:

- A notice of meeting and requests for motions to the membership will be sent out by the secretary-treasurer (Dr. Gus Riveros).

Chair: Dr. Alana Butler (President)
Minute taker: Dr. Gus Riveros (Secretary-Treasurer) Present:

1. President’s welcome and update

  • -  Membership update (report on number of members)
  • -  Webinar series (report on registrations and actual attendance from Sherry Fox)

    - Appreciations

    • -  Outgoing Conference program Chair: Dr. Jeannie Kerr
    • -  Treasurer/Secretary and Website: Dr. Gus Riveros
    • -  Twitter and website: Dr. Antony-Newman
    • -  Vice-President: Dr. Beyhan Farhadi
    • -  2023-2024 Graduate student publishing workshop: Ms. Corso and Ms. Brisbane
    • -  Co-sponsorship by CSA (SOE): Dr. Cathlene Hil- Past President: Dr. Ee-Seul Yoon

  1. 2024 AGM adoption of the agenda for approval
  2. 2023 AGM adoption of the minutes (will be attached)

4. Reports:
Report of the President – Will be attached
Report of the Secretary Treasurer Will be attached
Report of the Vice-President: Oral Report
Report of the Conference Program Chair: Will be attached


New Business: a. Motions

  • ●  Motion 1: To add the following by-law to the constitution: The president and the secretary-treasurer of the Association must approve all expenses; once the expense has been approved, the secretary-treasurer can sign the cheque or initiate the transfer of funds.
  • ●  Motion 2: To change the 60 days advance notice for changes to the constitution to 30 days and to include a 30-day advance notice for posting AGM materials on the website.
  • ●  Motion 3: To create the position of “Community Outreach Officer” as an officer of the association. This association officer is in charge of promoting initiatives to grow the association’s membership.

b. Elections and Nominations:

  • ●  President - Dr Alana Butler (2023-2025)
  • ●  Vice-president – Dr. Beyhan Farhadi (2023-2025)

  • ●  Conference program chair – Nomination: Dr. Gus Riveros
  • ●  Other Exec committee members will continue on for another year.
    • ○  Treasurer/Secretary: Dr. Gus Riveros - Continue to 2025
    • ○  Graduate Student Reps- Floor nominations will be accepted
    • ○  Social media officer: Dr. Max Antony-Newman (to be confirmed)
    • ○  Community Outreach Officer (to grow membership): Dr. Jeannie Kerr

6. Other Business:

7. Adjournment